Announcement Envelopes

Announcement Envelopes

Announce your special event with invitation envelopes. Announcement envelopes are characterized by their large square flap. "Insertable" announcement envelopes have a normal sized flap and can be used by mechanical inserting equipment.

Announcement Envelope Sizes are A2, A6, and A7 and come in the option of 1-color, 2-color or full-color.

Helpful Specifications

Announcement envelopes come in the following weights:

  • 24# White Wove
  • 28# White Wove

For announcement envelopes printed one side, create a single PDF with one page.

For announcement envelopes printed both sides, create a single PDF with two pages (both front and back artwork in a single PDF). 

For speed and consistency in producing your print job, we prefer high-resolution PDF files to native application files. Refer to the Files Specifications page for more file preparation information.

Document sizes are given as width (horizontal) by height (vertical). 8 ½ x 11 would be a standard letter size page in portrait orientation.

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