Do you want to increase your direct marketing response rate while making the recipients grab your mailer saying “Look, they printed this just for me!”?
Personalization or Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a process where text and pictures may be changed from one printed piece to the next, to match your prospects interests. Each piece is unique based on the attributes of the recipient. That makes it almost irresistible and, according to, it can increase your response rate by more than 30%!
Need a reason to personalize your printing? Here are a few:

1. Recipients like it

In today’s flood of communication even the simplest personalization makes your message stand out. Multiple studies have stated that folks pay more attention to a mail piece when it’s personalized.

2. Better Targeting

By personalizing the offer, you appeal to the person more directly, more focused, more personal.


That improves the chance of being read and saved.

4. Pull your customers in

Using the customer’s name in the text helps them to include themselves in the conversation, more easily connecting them to your message.

5. Show your friendly side

Personalization increases the friendliness of your printed piece; improving trust and believability.

No Personalization

With Personalization

Increase Response Rates Over 30%

The top three ways to personalize your direct mail

As described by Target Marketing Magazine


The visual component of your direct mail sets the mood and draws the recipient into your message. Getting the images that will appeal most to each person is very important.


Using the data you have about each person to tailor the offer to their needs is very powerful. The right offer will get the response, the wrong one will not.


The copy is the obvious personalization to the recipient. It uses their name and other information from your data. Use the copy wisely to draw interest. Even though they like personalization, too much copy is a problem and they will not read it.
Information in your address/data file can be translated to personalization on your printed mailer. Here are some ideas:
  • 1.

    Of course, you can put their name in a prominent location.
  • 2.

    Depending on the gender of the recipient, you can change the pictures that print.
  • 3.

    You can print the picture of the recipient’s trainer, sales person, or customer service representative.
  • 4.

    You can reference their street address and/or their city, in your offer.
  • 5.

    You can print their previous contribution amount, in your appeal letter.
  • 6.

    You could reference an image that highlights information about their college major.

Personalization is easy to implement. In your offer, your copy, put <> around elements that need to be substituted out of the data file.  For example: “Dear <firstName>,”, or “We appreciate your contribution of <Amount1>”. Then let us know to look for personalization.

For pictures it’s a little more complicated, but easy enough to explain. Please call for assistance!

Add the “Wow” factor to your next printed piece, with personalization!


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