Mailing Lists

If you need a profitable list of names and addresses for your mailing, we can purchase a list for you that is focused on people who would likely find interest in your product or service.

Consumer Data Sources

For household lists, we have access to the top four consumer files: Acxiom, Compact, Epsilon, and Experian. By your selections in geography and demographics, you can concentrate your list for better results.

Complete our Consumer Mailing List Worksheet, and start exploring the ways to better reach your consumer audience.

More Consumer Data Source details

1 - Acxiom InfoBaseR Consumer File

Its unique elements include automotive data, buying activities, interests, and the Personicx segmentation system. Personicx has specialized systems that can be used separately or combined for more precision.

Personicx Lifestage

Based on consumer lifestage that places households into one of 70 segments and 21 groups based on similar demographic, socioeconomic and consumer behavior.

Personicx Financial
Based on financial behaviors, grouping households by similar propensities for financial activities, regardless of demographics. Leveraging over 70 different behaviors, households are placed into one of 54 clusters that map to 13 groups.
Personicx Lifestate Insurance Groups
These segment consumers by similar demographic and insurance behaviors.
Personicx Hispanic
Built exclusively for better marketing to the Hispanic market, leveraging 15 unique demographic, socio-economic, behavioral and acculturation factors.

2 - Compact Consumers List

Its unique elements include elderly adult selects, family position codes, and hobbies and interests.

3 - Epsilon TotalSource Plus™ Consumer File

Its unique elements include donor/social concerns, hobbies, investments, and trade lines among others. TotalSource Plus™ has the ability to provide a snapshot of U.S. consumers across five key dimensions:
Includes age, marital status, occupation, ethnicity and more, for more relevant communications.
Comprehensive income, credit, debt and asset data to understand what consumers can afford and how each uses credit.
A broad range of interests from cooking to travel, investments to pets, as well as ailments and other lifestyle definers, are gauged to ensure products and services resonate.
Market Indicators
Aggregated transaction information to help predict future buying behavior. Includes channel preferences, changes in spending and an economic activity index.
Important life events that trigger a change in purchase behavior, such as a new child, a move, changes in household income or a new driver.

4 - Experian ConsumerView™ Consumer File

Unique elements include auto in market, financial contributors, and the Mosaic segmentation system. ConsumerView™ is the largest and most comprehensive resource for traditional and digital marketing campaigns. Experian’s ConsumerView™ U.S. database in a snapshot:
Data on more than 300 million individuals and 126 million households.
More than 30 years of historical information and industry experience.
The freshest data, compiled directly from hundreds of sources.
Thousands of data attributes that reveal demographics, purchasing habits, lifestyles, interests and attitudes.
Trusted by brands across the globe for omnichannel marketing.
Complete our Consumer Mailing List Worksheet, and start exploring the ways to better reach your consumer audience.

Business Data Sources

For your business lists we primarily will use Infogroup’s U.S. Business File

Infogroup’s business data is updated monthly and is compiled from hundreds of sources that include corporate websites, new business filings, daily utility connections, press releases, user-generated feedback, and thousands of U.S. and Canadian phone directories. Unique elements include business credit scores, franchise codes, bankruptcy data, and more.

Complete our Business Mailing List Worksheet, and start exploring the ways to better target your business audience.

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