Star Digital Print provides design services to ensure that every order looks its best and to make sure your printed piece represents you well.

If you don't have artwork

Sketch out or send us an email describing what your project goals are. For available graphic images, go to and find just the right picture for your project.

Then tell us the image number(s) and we will download the image(s) and place them in your design. These images are generally inexpensive. Our design service fees are reasonable and we will quote your project when we receive your sketch.

Once your design is complete, a PDF proof will be emailed to you for your review and approval. After reviewing your proof, you may approve the design for printing, or request additional changes. After each change the designer will email you a new proof for your approval.

If you have artwork but think it could use some updating

We can "refresh" the design for you. Gather any additional pictures and text and we will work with you to create the perfect piece.

If you have finished artwork

Your art files will be inspected to make sure the resulting printed piece will be as you expect. During this preparation of your files (prepress), if we see small corrections that need to be made, we will talk with you about them and may make the changes for you at no charge.

If there are bigger issues, such as low-resolution pictures in the file, we will talk with you and together determine the best solution. When you have the finished project in hand, with the bright colors and exact detail, you will be proud of what you've created.

As your job progresses through our production process, our Graphics Department looks for additional issues that may show up at the time of printing, such as composite overprint and unusual fonts that don’t print correctly.


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