About Us

Star Digital Print is a family owned and operated business, providing quality printing since 2004. Our uniqueness is a blend of our people-centered culture, exceptional equipment, and our commitment to craftsmanship.

You work hard to serve more people, grow your business and improve your life. We work hard to make your purchase of attractive and effective printed materials as easy as you’ll find anywhere.

Our customers deserve our best response. So, we built our systems and processes to serve you with quality and quick turnaround, adding value to your business efforts.

When you have an idea for a new brochure, sales sheet, or mailing, we can put the finished product in your hands faster than ever before with these services:

  • “Professionalize” your design with graphic design services
  • Print and finish your project quickly
  • Get it in your hands promptly, or
  • Get it in your customer’s mailboxes with our onsite mailing services
Our priority is to give you extraordinary service, so you can do the same for your customers.
  • Do you sometimes have impossible deadlines? Those time-sensitive print jobs belong here.
  • What sales piece, well designed and printed, would communicate your story, your product or service, your dream, and make the biggest difference for you?
  • Are you getting the greatest return from your investments in printed materials?
  • What are you looking for in a print vendor?
  • Do you want more leads, more customers, more upgrades, more demos, or more attendees?
  • How can we help you?
You will love working with our happy group of talented people who will ensure you are exceptionally pleased with sending your print work here!

Our Process


Every great project starts with the question, 'What well designed piece would benefit you the most?'


We can help you design that perfect piece that would represent you well.


That design then goes to printing. Together we look into increasing impact with personalization, vivid color, and UV coating.


We then combine print and onsite mailing services for savings and to expedite your mailing.


You then have your fresh new printed piece to grow your business, extend your brand, gather your tribe.



Star Digital Print
5609 S. 49th Street
Lincoln, Nebraska, 68516


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